Monday, 29 July 2019

Get to know #Spencer's People! This is Tom! #lettings #Sheffield #hero

1)      Who would you like to share a pint with, either dead or alive?
Louis Theroux and Karl Pilkington.

2)      What is the most embarrassing thing you have done?
Whilst I was at University, I somehow slept walked across campus and ended up in the library in just my boxer shorts and t-shirt. Because I had locked myself out of my room, I had to climb through some randomers window to get back into the building as well. Quite a sight I imagine for all concerned!

3)      What is your Guilty Pleasures?
Horrible Histories (a program on CBBC) and I am quietly fond of Made in Chelsea.

4)      Who is your sporting hero?
AP McCoy – these jump jockeys are incredibly tough and to ride 4300+ winners is something that will not be topped in my lifetime. An unbelievable achievement for someone who has broken every single bone in his body at some point in his career! Made being a jockey look easy. Unbelievable attitude and drive in becoming the best.

5)      Favourite Musical Artist + Film?
Tough one – I would probably opt for The Smiths, but with an honourable mention to The Stone Roses, The Streets and Oasis.  As for film, I would say Dead Man Shoes.

6)      What is your biggest fear?
Balloons. I cannot stand the things. I have to leave the room if someone starts to play with them in front of me. The fear of it randomly popping is too much for me to cope with. I also have a huge hatred for the smell of bleach and feeling dizzy (both alcohol and non-alcohol induced).

7)      What would you sing on a Karaoke night?
I would probably pretend I was Noel Gallagher and sing Don’t Look Back in Anger.

8)      Have you ever had a nickname?
At University, I was called “Asbo”. My second name is Aspinal and I am probably the last person who would ever get an actual “Asbo” so it was quite an ironic one and just stuck. However, being introduced to parents and other people I did not know as “Asbo” might not have given the greatest first impression!

9)      List two pet peeves.
Slow walking pedestrians who walk in front of me & people who put milk in before the hot water when making a brew. 

10)   Do you have any weird celebrity crushes?
Nothing out of the ordinary, but there is something about Alex Polizzi (the hotel inspector) and Lorraine Kelly.

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