Tuesday, 14 May 2019

How to get your home ready for sale! #Sheffield #Property #Blog

How to get your home ready for sale!

When selling your home first impression count, you have only 8 seconds to impress them. Here are some tips to help get your property ready for market.

Curb appeal
This is the first thing the viewers will see, so take a good look at what you're presenting.  Peeling paint, dirty windows, and dead plants, you have work to do! Remove debris such as fallen tree branches and leaves. Keep grass and shrubs trimmed, freshen up flowerbeds. Putting some flowers in front of the house or by the front door always makes people smile. Have a FOR SALE sign it helps your buyer find you!

Decluttering is so important you want the viewer to imagine living in the property. Removing excess furniture, clutter, personal items will make you home feel bigger. Clean your home from top to bottom, i.e.  Wash windows inside and out, dust down the cobwebs, polish chrome and mirrors, hoover, dust furniture and light fixtures.

Unfinished jobs
Get round to it, Now! If there’s a cupboard door hanging off or a tap that’s dripping – get it repaired. If the grouting in your shower has gone black or the carpet in the dining room is threadbare – get it replaced.  You might also want to think about removing all traces of your pet. Some people are allergic to cats.  Some people are scared of boisterous dogs.

The temperature
First impressions aren’t just about what you can see, they are also about what you hear and what you feel! Having the heating on in the winter months allows your viewers to view the property without wanting to get out as quickly as possible. It also applies in the summer try keeping the property cool. You can do this by shutting the curtain before the viewing (make sure you re open just before the viewing takes place)

Hope all these tips help you. Good luck!


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