Monday, 19 October 2020

Covid - how has it changed things for the better? Tom of Spencer has his say

What has changed since the first lockdown?  

"Although COVID has undoubtedly been a troublesome time for us all, in a perverse kind of way it has helped me to appreciate things that I probably took for granted before it happened.

"Beforehand, I think we were all guilty about taking our relationships for granted, but having not seen my family and a lot of my friends since Christmas, it made me realise how much I had missed them when restrictions were eased.

"The pint with my mates on a Friday night, the brew with my grandparents, the buzz of going to Hillsborough and the excitement of looking forward to a weekend away are still sorely missed, but I know when they do come round again (and they will), I will not take them for granted.

"I have discovered new music, learnt new skills, read more books and been able to break away into things that I may have not been able to do in the rat race of days gone by before all of this.

"The negatives of this wretched disease far outweigh the positives – there is absolutely no denying that. But it has given me a chance to reflect on what really is important in this crazy old world we live in and for that, I will be thankful."

Tom is in our Lettings Team and has worked with us for some time now - we don't know where we would be without him. 

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