Monday, 26 October 2020

Covid-19 Blog - Taking something positive from 2020


Our lovely Rachel in Accounts finds some positivity for 2020.... 

"It goes without saying really that this year has been “different”. Every person in the country and the majority of the world has been affected in some way by Covid-19, what has it meant for me personally?

"I had some symptoms myself back in March and I went from staying away from work to work closing its doors to the public, and then to staff, and then to seeing my work colleagues only on Zoom meetings or by communicating on our work WhatsApp chat. Not surprisingly the world suddenly seemed a very different place with us awaiting the latest news announcements and more and more of our freedom to move around being restricted. I sobbed on Mother’s Day at not getting to see my own mum or my grown up children, but I had a nice chat on the phone with my son and daughter and everyone was in the same situation, I was one of many mums trying to put on a brave face and not be too disappointed.

"Having said that, the year has been one for more time to take up new interests, read about places we want to see when things return to normal (whenever that is) and appreciate the things we do have. I am lucky to have lovely family to talk to be it in person, on the phone or via a video call.  I have dreams for the future and more money in the bank, with holiday plans being on hold. It helps that we have had lovely weather, which I enjoyed from the comfort of my garden. Every privilege returned has been more appreciated and less taken for granted than before, and the stories of people helping others throughout this have been heart-warming.

"I don’t think life for the generation who have lived through the pandemic will ever by quite the same as before and I hope we can all take something positive from 2020 and soon we will enjoy some of the things this year have eluded us this year."


Rachel Masheder

Accounts Administrator -  Spencers Agents Ltd.

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