Thursday, 19 September 2019

Meet the Team - #Blog #Spencer #Sheffield - Phil Peasegood (ha!)

A little about me……. Philippa Peasegood

Name // Philippa (or Pip, Flipflop but NEVER Phil)
Age // late 40s – let’s leave it there!
Family //  happily married with two boys.
Nationality // Officially English, but can narrow that down to Yorkshire born and bred!  My dad thought I was going to be a boy, so drove my mum in labour from Nottinghamshire to Yorkshire so I could play for Yorkshire Cricket team when I was older – disappointed I was a girl doesn’t cover it!
Favourite food // halloumi cheese kebabs!
Favourite drink // if I were trendy, perhaps I’d say flavoured gin with tonic, but to be honest I can’t start the day without a cup of tea.
Favourite book // It’s impossible to choose, so I’ll say Big Little Lies.
Favourite movie //  Bond, James Bond. Can’t decide between Skyfall or Spectre.  I’ve been to every opening night at the cinema since I was 15 years old.
Favourite TV shows // Line of Duty, along with the majority of the nation I suspect.
Thing I’m most proud of //   With the exception of having my children (obvs), helping disabled children combat their fears to ride a horse at the local Riding for Disabled stables. Got told off by Princess Ann when she came to our stables, as a child had wheeled himself underneath a horse and started tickling its tummy. As Princess Ann walked in, the horse reared – she was not amused!
Thing I’d rather forget //    Asking directions from a manikin to the changing rooms, not once but on three separate occasions!  It’s a bit of a laughing point with my friends.
Interesting fact //   I share the same DNA as someone – my twin sister. 

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