Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Are you thinking of buying your first home?

Buying your first home can appear complicated and scary. The good news is you've never known estate agents like us.

We make the whole process of buying your first home as smooth as possible - We get to know you and what matters most, so we can help you find a place you’ll love, or the investment that will serve you best.

We’re born, bred and living in the beautiful parts of the city that we cover, so we can give real insights into life in Sheffield – the hidden gems, the local schools, the things that make this corner of the world one we love.

First things first – Know what you can borrow. We can connect you to impartial independent financial advisor to get you started. 

Know what you want  Start searching, think seriously about what matters most and what you will compromise on. Not only will it reduce the chances of you and yours disagreeing as you search, it will help Spencer help you find the perfect place.

Check out the properties below and let us know when you'd like to view! 


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