Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Fight in the Dog - #NoBull #Sheffield #Spencers #LeeBullen

The fight in the dog …

We head out to a lot of appointments where we hear all sorts of rumours and rubbishings about Spencers and our staff.  We hear that others speak about our lack of abilities and our incapability, which is a load of old flannel but it is amazing what some other agents will say to try to win a job. Personally I like to fight like Mohammed Ali to shout about what we are good at and why we are so "worth it" and not take the boring politician’s route.

It is no surprise then to hear that one agent in particular has tried to use Lee (my co-Director at Spencers and my “other half”) being an ex-footballer to try to bring us down in the eyes of our potential clients. Lee, though, is not JUST a footballer. In fact, I think you will find that there is no such thing. No one person is pigeon-holed into JUST being anything. Interestingly most people have good hearts, good families, hilarious jokes to tell, great friends, hobbies and giving natures; to me, this therefore makes them family-men, comedians, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, golfers, child minders, amongst many more things.

Yes, Lee played football but he also worked in the repossessions department of the Alliance and Leicester and this does not make him a banker (!). Lee’s skills as a leader, football coach, fluent Greek speaker, father, and fork lift truck licensed driver make him as much of an all-rounder as you or me. It surprises some that I was once a chauffeuse, bar maid, car sales executive, typist, promo-girl, chalet cleaner, ski instructor (amongst other things) but it really doesn’t matter if anyone wants to hold these things against me.

It was with much pride this weekend that Lee could also add to his list of qualities and abilities, Published Author.

No Bull is the story of Lee’s life so far. Some may wonder what makes someone write a book, but I am filled with envy and inspiration that I will one day get round to writing mine which may be about some of the most hilarious moments in my estate agency career to date, so please be very careful about how you may be included. Lee has had many jobs around the world, but just happens to have people who want to read his story because he played football. To me, the most interesting part of the book is not the Dentist Chair story with Paul Gascoigne but him becoming an estate agent, because this will form part of the Lee Bullen Story Part Two when he will also be the Liverpool manager, apparently.

There are no mucky sensationalist stories in the book. It is a story of someone with a dream, working very, very hard to try to fulfil any part of that dream whilst travelling the world. Fulfilling dreams brings many sacrifices, much blood, sweat and tears, and true grit. The qualities that you would probably want to find in an estate agent trying to sell your house.

Next time you hear someone judging someone for JUST being anything, think about the people in your life and pigeon-hole your nearest and dearest into being defined by just one thing and ask yourself if this is possible.

I am incredibly proud of Lee’s achievement and can’t wait to write my own book one day. If you’re interested, the book can be ordered at NO BULL but this blog is not about a promo, it is about asking for you all to get to know us as estate agents, people, ex-whatever-we-ares, and future-whatever-we-will-bes, you might just be pleasantly surprised. 

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