Tuesday, 7 January 2020

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Sheffield has always had a strong property market, influenced mainly by low supply and high demand; we still draw many big businesses to the city, as well as having an excellent retention of students who stay on after their studies. It’s undeniable that this is a city that people fall in love with, and those that love to hate it would never leave it either, despite us looking on at Leeds and Manchester as our more prosperous neighbours. 
Since the general election results, whatever your political persuasion, there has to be an argument that strength and stability has a chance to continue, and that a huge shake up and change could have been detrimental to people’s buying and selling choices, especially for aspirational movers. 
We believe that the strengthening of the market will now forge in steel for those that want to upsize and grow, those that want to get on the ladder as money is so cheap to borrow, and for investors who still see that long term investment in property is still as safe as it can be to place monies into retirement plans or for inheritance purposes. 
We see no reason why our city can’t continue to flourish and it should continue to be a place we should be proud of and take a pride to live in.

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