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Renting can be scary - not with #Spencer of #Sheffield

Renting can be scary!

Here at Spencer we specialise in helping first time renters. It can be a very daunting moving into your first home or even moving from an owned property in to a rental property but we are here to help. We talk tenants through every step of the way making it as stress free and as clear as possible. We offer a ‘hand held’ service to anyone one who needs one.

Here are a few bits of information you may find helpful.

Once you have decided you are wanting to rent a property you now need to decide:
How long do you want the tenancy for? We usually suggest 6 or 12 months to start with (6 months being our minimum)
What can you afford? The letting agent or landlord should be able to advise what you can afford monthly based on what you earn.
Decide which area you would like to rent in
How many bedrooms?
Are you wanting it furnished or unfurnished?
Do you have pets?

Most letting agents insist that people view a property prior to taking an application and we are no different. We need to ensure you like the property and have seen it for your own eyes. We understand how important it is to be happy in your home and feel that if you are happy at home than you are able to deal with the rest!

Read up on who you are potentially going to be letting the property through and look out for landlords who belong to an accreditation scheme. You may find a fantastic property to rent however the letting agent or landlord could be dreadful and not look after you whilst you are in there. Always read reviews!

Check all fees before you agree to anything. Some companies have hidden fees for example: tenancy renewal agreement fees, check in and out fees.  By law, a breakdown of all fees should be clearly visible to you in the letting agent’s office and on their website.

Please ensure you have the correct documentation ready when applying for a property. Landlords and agents will want to confirm your identity, current and previous address, immigration status, credit history and employment status. They will want to see your passport and visa and /or residence permit (if you have one).  Also if you have bad credit history please declare it at this point so we can advise the best way to get you through the referencing.

Also check which government scheme your deposit will be registered with throughout the duration of the tenancy. This must be done by law and will protect you.

When moving in to a property please ensure you have from your landlord or letting agent (as a minimum):
Copy of the signed tenancy agreement
Copy of the most recent How to Rent Guide
Valid Gas Safety Certificate (if gas in the property)
Deposit protection information
Copy of the Energy Performance Certificate
A detailed inventory with photos. If you are not supplied with an inventory by the agent or landlord, please do your own inventory along with photos with dates and times on.  This is to protect you at the end of the tenancy.

Never be too scared to ask questions or query things you are unsure about.  Everything should be very clear for you to understand. If you wish to discuss renting any of our properties or would like us to rent out your property, please contact the office on 0114 2683682, email or pop in to the office based on Ecclesall Road.

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