Monday, 8 May 2017

#Spencer's 5 reasons to use an Independent Financial Advisor - #Sheffield

Good financial planning can be beneficial for all; attaining your dream home and providing security for your future.

No 1: Dream home
Finding the right Mortgage can appear complicated and scary. Financial jargon to the less familiar can make mortgaging our homes seem a daunting and impossible process. An IFA could help to simplify the process, get you better rates and also find lenders who may be better suited to your requirements.

No 2: Protecting our loved ones
Should the unthinkable happen an IFA can offer guidance assessing your needs and personal situation, providing options to help ensure your personal tragedy does not turn into a financial crisis.

No 3: Retirement
We all work hard for our money! Investment is key to providing a good quality of life throughout our golden years. An IFA can help to sift through the many rules and regulations pensions deliver and provide answers to our long term financial prospects.

No 4: Objective approach
With more money than ever spent on advertising, how do we know who is genuine? And what really is the best option for us?  An IFA can outline both the positives and negatives, they know the market inside out and can offer much needed objectivity within a competitive market.

No 5: Saving Money
What is the best way to save money? Who can I trust? An IFA can help assess your needs and attitude to risk. Once your investments are secure an IFA can offer support in starting you saving journey.

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