Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How well should Spencer know your home? As well as you.

When you think about selling your home, what are the first things you consider?

On the whole, the main considerations are how much you can sell your house for and how much you have to pay someone to do it but there are so many more things to consider, after all your home is your biggest asset. We all know that the price of estate agents fees can vary hugely and that generally speaking the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ still rings true. Wouldn’t you prefer to sell with an agent who cares and wants to help with every step of the process? 

At Spencer we may not the cheapest but we go the extra mile, where the other agents don’t. Amongst other things we get to know you and your home so that we can really sell it.

So, when you last sold a house did anyone from the agent, other than the valuer, visit?

What about the last house you bought? Could the agent answer all of your questions rather than having to check with the vendor first, even at the viewing?

Whether you’re considering selling next week, next month or next year, we would love to visit your property to tell you what we do and how we differ from other agents. We know how much your home matters to you and we make it our business for it to matter to us, just ask our clients…

“Thank you for making our move happen so seamlessly, we really appreciate all the extra effort you took to get us moved in by our desired completion date. I will definitely be recommending your estate agents to friends and family, you have all been fantastic.”

The only estate agent to use in Sheffield in my opinion, they always go the extra mile

“Truly a rare company offering a level of service which is missing from many companies. The only estate agents I would ever use.” 

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