Tuesday, 19 July 2016


HS2 - What would it mean for Sheffield?

The High Speed Rail is potentially coming to Sheffield with a view to improving our connectivity to major cities across the UK, do we need it? Do we want it?

There will be a fast link to Leeds and at least two trains per hour between Sheffield and London. Journey times to London will be reduced by 45 minutes and to just under 20 minutes to Leeds!

We’re a long way off the build yet, as the whole network won’t be complete until 2034 with Sheffield’s phase to start in the 2020’s, however work starts on the line in 2017 generating many more jobs in the region.

According to Welcome to Sheffield;

"A significant body of evidence now overwhelmingly proves that a city centre station location in Sheffield would generate considerably more benefits for Sheffield City Region including:

• 6,500 more jobs
• 1,000+ new homes
• £2bn - £5bn more GVA, and
• 24% more passenger trips"

Let's see...... The Northern Powerhouse seems to continue to be a focus to the government, although by 2034 I will have hopefully retired! 

What next for the Northern Powerhouse? 

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