Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thank you to all amazing Knitters from the #TheGreatKnitOff - keep the knitting coming! #NICU

Knitting for premature babies in the Sheffield NICU

We have been overwhelmed by the volume and quality of contributions for the Jessops Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Our babies, Maddie and Rudi, spent some time in the unit when they were born in September last year and received such incredible care and attention, so much so that we were desperate to give something back.
We were given the most wonderful cardigans whilst the babies were so small that nothing fit them, and were allowed to bring the babies home in their cardigans knitted by really special people who offer their donations and time charitably. We really cherish our cardigans and know that most mothers whose babies have been on the unit hold dear their cardies and blankets in their baby memory boxes. 
We thought it would be a great idea to offer the service of coordinating knitting donations with so many wonderful knitters and with wool donations from the non-knitters (like me!) 
The response has been really heart-warming and we are so very thankful. Yesterday we took the donations so far to the unit and the staff and babies were delighted! Thank you so very much to all the kind people so far. I am happy to continue in the role of Knitting Coordinator for life and so please don't stop the generous donations of wool and knitted garments coming. 
For patterns and information on wool please get in touch with Nicola Spencer on 0114 2683682 or email
We can't believe how talented you all are and whether you knit one item or ten, they all will end up snuggling a tiny baby at the unit - THANK  YOU. 

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