Thursday, 31 July 2014

#Spencers Deadly Estate Agent Sins Blog!

Spencers Seven Deadly Sins!

What other Agents get VERY wrong
(in our very humble opinion!)

Lust – some very naughty agents lust after property SO much that they convince a vendor to sell to them off the market, which goes against all of an agent’s normal advice and principals. If an agent tries to buy from you off market, make sure you get a second opinion from another party to ensure you aren’t being diddled!
Gluttony – too much of a good thing is certainly not good for the soul. Taking on volumes of properties that your staff can’t properly manage will not make you very popular! We take on an exacting number of properties by cherry picking the ones we really want so that our staff are never overloaded and you will always get the very best service.
Greed – some agents will tell you that your house is worth A LOT of money just to get the instruction. I will never forget what a competing agent said to me when I challenged him on this, “better unsold on our wall than sold on someone else’s”. If you think they are telling you your house is worth too much money, they probably are!
Sloth – some agents are incredibly lazy. I viewed three properties recently after requesting to see TEN via Rightmove. I only viewed three because only three out of the ten agents came back to me to book me in and I await a call from the other seven! Out of those three, NONE of the agents have called me for feedback! Make sure you do your research into an agent’s service and don’t just take their word for it!
Wrath – Spencers stay out of Agent v Agent mudslinging. Because we are based out of the way of the war at Banner Cross we don’t tend to find other agents slating us for fun to try to make themselves look better. Now, now, big boys, if you have nothing nice to say………..
Envy – they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and we have had our share of other agents who have wanted to copy our name / ideas / style. Well, we can honestly say that we are flattered, thank you for thinking we are so dangerous to your business!

Pride – no one likes a bragger. You may have the biggest car, the most expensive house, the custom made suit….but did you make someone smile today? Did you make someone feel like they should drop you in a nice card to say Thank You? I know what gives us the greater sense of satisfaction

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