Friday, 7 February 2014

Black, one sugar please, with a chocolate digestive biscuit.... #Spencers Sally Blogs #Property !

Our lovely Sally - Lettings Manager - has guest blogged a little Lettings Department update....

"We have tried to publicise recently how much effort we are putting into social media and how hard we try to spread the word about our client’s properties; the truth is, it works, and we are thrilled how well things have been going for us and our Landlords. As we have steadily expanded over the past months, we have been so lucky to meet some of the most fantastic Landlords and Tenants, and it’s these fabulous people that drive us to keep striving to do better. Despite all the modern social media hype, we still have traditional family values at our roots, which provide us with an excellent foundation.
"What makes perfect sense to us is that if we look after our Landlord’s properties as if they were our own, we will have happy landlords and happy tenants. It really is that simple. We are also so pleased to have a great group of contractors who we work closely with to ensure that our Landlords are getting the best deal on works they have done to their properties, these are contractors we use in our own homes and who we trust completely. Also, there are no ‘commission’ charges added on to our contractors bills, the work paid for is the work done, nothing more. We don’t agree with hidden fees and have worked hard on our Landlords agreement to ensure that we provide a thorough property management service with no hidden chargeable ‘add ons’.
"If you have ever called us to ask how much we charge, then apologies, as you may well have been advised that we cannot really quote over the phone and that we’d like to come and meet you at the property. This is not a sneaky way of getting a free coffee (black, one sugar please with a chocolate digestive biscuit, if there is one going), it is because we are so passionate about the service we can offer you that we want to tell you about it in person, we want to see your property and figure out how we can best help you out. We are not a large corporate with a set formula, we will work with you to provide what is best for you. 
"I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I really like all of our Landlords, they are a great bunch of people. This may sound a little controversial but be honest, who can actually say that about all their clients? I believe it is because we have met them all, they have picked us and we have picked them, we are like-minded in how business should be conducted; with old fashioned values at its core but with a passion for innovation.

"For a free market appraisal at your rental property, please get in touch on 0114 2683682"

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