Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Great Non-Retirement #Spencers

Jim Spencer steps one foot closer to the Golf course.....

It was with great delight that we held a dinner at Baldwins Omega for Dad's retirement and presented him with a membership to Sickleholme Golf Club. The food was incredible, the magician was magical, the company was perfect, the laughter was raucous, the faces were old, the jokes were terrible, the cuddles were appreciated, and the most wonderful time was had by all.

You may all be incredibly surprised to hear that Dad actually organised it all himself too (sort of) although mum and I took much of the credit; the menu, the guest list, the venue, the entertainment, the table plan, and the attention to detail was all Dad's hard work. Well done, it was amazing. 

As you all know, after a long career like Dad's there have been some very funny stories, some tears, and much laughter along the way, and all thanks to the incredibly wonderful people that have been involved in his life and times so far. I want to personally thank everyone who have come along on the journey so far and to say that you are all welcome forever more. 

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