Thursday, 6 December 2012

Spencers Customer Service Survey Results #Sheffield

Last month we conducted a customer satisfaction survey that went out to over 2000 people on our database and to clients past and present. We know that people get sick to the back teeth of receiving these surveys through on email and we are eternally grateful to those that took the time to go through the seven questions to give their feedback on their opinions of Spencers. Questions included; what springs to mind when they think of our company, what makes us unique, how do we rank compared to competitors, what people want most from their agent, and what can we do in the future for you. Quite incredibly we only got one negative response, but as it turned out, they had confused us with a competitor and apologised profusely! The rest of the comments that we received we feel so proud of that we are happy to directly quote a selection of them within our blog. We have chosen just a few as we don't want to give away all our secrets of what we do so well! Thank you so much to everyone who participated. 

When you hear our business's name, what main idea comes to 
mind (something we stand for)?
Trusted local name
Both helpful and honest.
Class and trust
Individual and helpful..
advertising boards 
Local small firm
You sell houses
Well established
Pragmatic and straight forward
An established business, quality and reliability
Family business. Good service.
The name brings to mind a family oriented business
Trustworthy. Honest comments whether they be good or bad.
Good customer service
Good service.  Not too pushy
Young enthusiastic people, personal knowledge of the area
Honestly, clear thinking.  Concise communication.
Polite professional service
Quality, service. personal longevity local and trusted
Caring and thoughtful.  Sound advice. 
Sense of humour

Higher end property
Treating property sales like they are your own, rather than just a number
A local Firm with a good reputation.
Independent professionals
Solid Sheffield business
Good inner city and nearby information
Pleasant efficiency.
Estate agent active in area of Sheffield I am interested in.
Quality but expensive?
Honest and hard working.
Good customer service. Sometimes slightly overpricing properties - there have been a number of properties that have been on the market a while that have stayed at the same price, where other similar properties on with different estate agents have begun to reduce their asking price.  I appreciate this may be the vendors decision, not Spencers.

What do we do that makes us unique?
Non franchised family business small enough to know about every property on the books .
Show an interest in the property sale / purchase and work hard to make things happen!
Social Media!
Family firm
Not act like slimey sales people
Small. independent
I have not dealt with anyone else so have no comparisons to make
Small family
Being independent
Great friendly service, I appreciate being told what is really felt about the properties so if there is an issue i can try to sort the problem.
One office, don't get passed around. Speak to same people/person each time you call.

I thought you were very polite and helpful.  I was really impressed at how quickly your responded to phone calls and emails. Your website is easy to use and you provide plenty of detail about properties.  The floorplans are especially clear
We appreciated the honesty and openness of the agents that we dealt with, especially their openness around other bids and the bidders situations
You respond to the needs of customers rather than expecting customers to fit in with a rigid system which may not be appropriate. You have experienced staff who know what they are talking about.
Clean graphics, colourful signage warm response when entering the office and warm response on the phone
Make sense!! Easy to contact.
Keeping your customers informed (very important to me)
Personal and thorough are two strengths that stand out.
Personal and local
Very good brochure. Sends visitors who are really interested in the property
Thorough reporting on viewings, good communication, nice, personable and professional staff.
Friendly, light touch but available to assist when required.
Independent local company looking after its market area properly
You have kept in touch by e-mail - I like that. Creative approach to marketing.
Comprehensive weekly reporting
More likely to communicate relevant info other agents often uncommunicative
Fantastic photographs of the properties for sale and  plenty of customer contact
Treat customers as individuals.
Attention to detail/customer service/communication. As a company you seem to be much more pro-active and 'visible'


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