Monday, 27 February 2012

Lee Bullen Teams up with the Swim for Soldiers Team

At the weekend I am very proud to say that Lee Bullen, Director of Spencers Agents and former Sheffield Wednesday Captain, teamed up with four soldiers who had the aim to swim 24 miles in 24 hours in a relay at Ponds Forge in aid of the charity that they set up, Swim for Soldiers. The charity has been established to help injured soldiers after their duties come to an end due to an inability for them to continue on health grounds, which is every soldier's worst nightmare. We have, around us, some of the most courageous people, who take no credit for the work that they do for our country day in and day out, who feel nothing about risking themselves and their health for us civilians to feel safe and assured. But what when the very worst happens? What support and empathy do these people genuinely receive from society? Not enough. We can argue that soldiers are "doing a job" and "being paid" for their service like any other career choice, but not every job risks life and limb for others without gratitude and without a need for such. These great people have pushed themselves this weekend to a point of sickness in aid of raising money to help injured soldiers. Swimming 24 miles (which actually turned into over 30) in 24 hours was some feat. Our Lee Bullen gave up time Saturday morning, afternoon, and Sunday morning to swim with the soldiers to offer them support and encouragement, and we are very proud of his efforts. 32 lengths of Ponds Forge pool makes up one mile.... that's quite a lot! Thank you also to our dear friend Nicki Donohoe and Stephanie from Take Me Out who added more than a little glamour to events! 
You can still choose to donate to this wonderful charity at
Please do. Thank you.

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